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Outpost 2020
Oct 23-25, 2020

Bringing together interesting minds in science, entertainment, and science fiction to explore the ridiculous, the incredible, and our possible futures
Special Guests:
Brian Tyler
Brian Tyler
Film Composer
Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: The Dark World
Susan Egan
Susan Egan
Voice Actor
Steven Universe, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast
Tanya Harrison
Tanya Harrison
Planetary Scientist
Mars Curiosity and Opportunity Rovers, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Yoon Ha Lee
Yoon Ha Lee
Machineries of Empire, Ninefox Gambit

Our guests and panelists are experts and curiosity seekers from across science, tech, and the arts. Pull up a seat in the Outpost Cantina for an opportunity to hear some incredible conversations about the future of technology, the importance of science, and the power of story.

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Featured Panels:
Where's My Robot Butler? Next Steps in AI Development
Artificial intelligence is the wave of the future--but for leisure, for profit, or both? A discussion of where we are with AI today, and where we might hope to be tomorrow.
Gordon Tarpley, Jamie Banks
Talking Superhero Science with Tamara & Friends
The ageless question of the chicken and the egg: Did superheroes inspire science fiction, or did science fiction inspire superheroes?
Nick Bowman, Maynard Okereke, Tamara Robertson
So Are Aliens Visiting Us, Or What?
A growing number of people believe aliens actively visit the Earth. What does the science tell us?
Tim Russ, Alex Olshansky, Sarah Scoles, Brian Dunning
Earth's Last Humans
So many books and movies have been based on this theme. Which ones got it right, which ones got it wrong, and what's the best version?
Charlie Stross, Gabriel Partida, David Perlmutter
Still Moving Forward: Fandom, Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity, inclusion, and social justice have long been supporting themes in pop fiction. How do we keep them moving towards mainstream, and what's standing in the way?
Kate Dollarhyde, Robert Peaslee, Susan Egan
Designing New Worlds: Imagined Places, Real Problems
Authors and DMs don't just design worlds — they have to design societies.
Charlie Stross, Yoon Ha Lee, Rion Amilcar Scott, Megan Condis

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Outpost Awards: The Asteroids

The Asteroid Awards honor outstanding contributions in science communication, entertainment and education. The Asteroids recognize the impact of specialists working to further an informed future by reaching out to inform and inspire new audiences with creativity, innovation, and the power of narrative.

Awards for:

Podcast • YouTube Channel • Comic • Book

Podcast Track

The Outpost sources only the best in-flight entertainment for your enjoyment. A full day's worth of back-to-back live podcasts, streaming video to the Outpost from all over the inhabited universe.

Monster Talk
The science show about monsters, critically examining the science behind cryptozoological and legendary creatures.
Blake Smith, Karen Stollznow
The ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the true science and true history behind your favorite urban legends.
Brian Dunning
Everyday Einstein
Science is all around us and transforming our world at a rapid pace. Extragalactic astrophysicist Sabrina Stierwalt is here to guide you through it. She'll help you make sense of the everyday and the once-in-a-lifetime.
Sabrina Stierwalt

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Gone Virtual...

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and the Outpost's secret location in deep space), Outpost 2020 will be held virtually with the help of Crowdcast and the modern marvel that is The Internet. The bonus is that where you're based in the world doesn't matter as much as it used to: if you've got a browser you're welcome here, no spaceflight required.



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