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Saturday, Oct. 24 2020
Watch Now Skeptoid Skeptoid
is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the true science and true history behind your favorite urban legends. Entering its 15th year in iTunes' top social sciences podcasts.
Brian Dunning
Watch Now Geek Girl Riot Geek Girl Riot
is the way to get your geek on. Each week our hosts take turns on the mic to discuss all the things close to our geeky hearts, topped off with fresh and far-out segments, and special guest appearances for talks and spotlights. It promises to be a rowdy good time.
Sherin Nicole, Alexandra Bear, Day Al-Mohamed, Soma Brodhun, Philip Jean-Pierre
Watch Now Everyday Einstein Everyday Einstein
is here to help you make sense of science. Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt will give you tips to help you to navigate the science in your everyday life and to understand everything from basic principles to the latest breaking science news.
Sabrina Stierwalt
Watch Now Stellar Firma Stellar Firma
is a semi-improvised comedy podcast created by Tim Meredith and Ben Meredith. Stellar Firma follows the misadventures of Stellar Firma Ltd.'s highest born but lowest achieving planetary designer Trexel Geistman and his bewildered clone assistant David 7.
Tim Meredith, Ben Meredith
Watch Now Monster Talk Monster Talk
is the science podcast about monsters, critically examining the science behind cryptozoological creatures such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and werewolves.
Blake Smith, Karen Stollznow
Watch Now Alpha Quadrant 6 Alpha Quadrant 6
is a science fiction review show. We cover everything including movies, TV and Youtube. We also discuss top 10 lists like the best spaceships, robots, sci-fi weapons.
Steve Novella, Jay Novella, Bob Novella
Sunday, Oct. 25 2020
Watch Now Grief Burrito Grief Burrito
is the wonderful comedy podcast covering all the latest games, films, tech, science and all round strangeness!
Harrison Wild, Jordan Shenton
Watch Now Histerical Histerical
is a history podcast of legendary comedy all based on true life events.
Anastasia Washington, Jenna Busch
Watch Now Imaginary Worlds Imaginary Worlds
is a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres. Fantasy worlds may be set in distant planets or parallel dimensions, but they are crafted here on Earth and on some level relate to our daily lives.
Eric Molinsky
Watch Now Superhero Therapy Superhero Therapy
Discover the psychology of your favorite TV shows, Movies, Books, Comics, Video Games, and more. This week: How to cope with the ending of the Supernatural series
Dr. Janina Scarlet, Dustin Mcginnis

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